I am a postdoc in LaBRI, Bordeaux, in the DeepSynth CNRS Momentum project, with Nathanaël Fijalkow.

My research interests lie mainly at the interface between algorithms, complexity theory and machine learning.

I am organizing the Formal Methods team seminar. Do not hesitate to write to me if you want to give a talk in the seminar.

Prior to that, I was a postdoc in the Approximation and Proof Complexity group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, hosted by Jakob Nordström, Johan Håstad and Per Austrin.

I did my PhD in IRIF (University Paris Diderot), under the supervision of Sophie Laplante and Sylvain Perifel. You can find the manuscript of my thesis here: Contributions to Arithmetic Complexity and Compression.


email: (x, y $\mapsto$ guillaume.lagarde x labri y fr) ([at], [dot])

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